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Style Editorial: Rubicon

Past the point of no return

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Certain types of people often say you should spend more on expensive clothes because they last longer. The trick to a good wardrobe is “investment pieces” they tell us. Spending thousands on a jacket is totally reasonable when you consider that you’ll have it for a lifetime.

It’s an argument that makes luxury purchases seem down right economical. I was always skeptical of such statements, but then this editorial made me reconsider. The styling is scattered with a number of vintage Raf Simons pieces, including trousers from Fall 1999. That’s a pair of 17-year-old trousers featured in a contemporary menswear editorial. 17 years old.

Not only does that speak to the well-established genius of Raf Simons, but it also has me reconsidering my spending priorities. Maybe you should too.

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