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SW69 Are Making Clothing for Like-Minded Weirdos

The Byron Bay streetwear label chat about their influences, fashion faux-pas, and the soundtrack that drives them.

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Since its creation in early 2019, Byron Bay streetwear label Shitswack (or SW69) has been steadily leaving its mark on the Australian fashion scene. Driven by a desire to pay homage to individuals who cultivate beautiful and strange aesthetics, and with a name that started as a diss, the label has flipped the term ‘shit’s wack’ into its own DIY ethos.

Shaped by a love of graffiti and subcultures like surfing, skating, and music, SW69’s philosophy is to facilitate a platform for like-minded artists who embody their vision. We caught up with the label’s founder, Dean Carnemolla to talk about his influences, fashion faux pas, and the creative scene in Byron Bay.

Tell us how you first got started making clothes?
I’ve always been interested in the process of making clothes, my father has dabbled in the fashion industry my whole life. Having a lot of friends in the design and clothing industry has also inspired me to pursue it as a creative outlet for myself. I started teaching myself illustrator, asked a lot of questions, and now we’re here.

What kind of things influenced you early on?
My early and continued influences include friends, music, travel, graffiti, and retro surf related shit.

What’s the creative scene like in Byron Bay? Who are some of the other local creatives that inspire you?
There’s a heap of creatives in Byron, it’s a hub of its own. I’m into Brodie Jackson’s work and the 88 surfboard movement. Otherwise personally, I’m happy to travel and get out [of] the bubble for inspiration.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in running a brand so far?
Running a brand isn’t a walk in the park by any means, I would say the biggest challenge is time management across all aspects of the business and making sure the boring stuff doesn’t get forgotten.

What’s the biggest fashion faux pas for you?
THONGS, put your toes away man!

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?
I really enjoy the collaborative process of working on pop-up stores, transforming a space is really fun. I recently did two pop-ups in Perth, one with Streetx and another with Vinco1312. Shout-out to my Perth brothers.

Who are some dream collaborations for you?
I’m really liking my X-90 New Balance’s at the moment [and] it would be sick to collaborate on a shoe or to make a rad ceramic piece with Gatorbeug.

You’ve sent us a playlist. Tell us about some of the tracks you’ve selected and why they represent Shitswack.
Rejjie Snow – ‘23’
It’s got a dreamy summer feel about it

Cozz & J. Cole  ‘Knock Da Hustle’
“Jealousy holds my enemies hostage.” People love to talk shit and tread water, catch ya on the beach.

Goldlink – ‘Crew’
I like the video clip, it’s how I imagine I dance in the club.

What does the rest of 2019 hold for you?
I’ve got a few collaborations planned and hopefully a couple of pop-ups.

Who is the best dressed person of all time?
My mother.

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