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Nobody really looks good in bike shorts or those awkward, wind catching high-vis vests that plague Melbourne’s bike scene. In 2001, Levis released their first ‘Commuter Series’ that brought style and functionality to scores of younger, eco-friendly riders who have incorporated bike riding into their everyday lives. The success of the Commuter Series nodded to a definite gap in the market and Levis has been kicking goals ever since. Their 2013 Fall/Winter collection will keep you warm on those icy morning cycles while also ensuring you make it to your destination looking and smelling fresh.

The series is made up of classic staples in durable and breathable fabrics. The practical details are well thought out and cater to biker specific needs, including reflective piping for better visibility and angled pockets allowing easy access to personal belongings mid-ride.

This recent promo video will make you want to get on ya bike mate.

Zoe Annabel