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John Malkovich is one of those enigmatic, oddball talents that you love but will probably never understand. And in the latest move to confuse the shit out of you, the seasoned actor lends his hand to fashion design, dropping an exclusive beachwear capsule collection for online retailer yoox.com. As he explains in an interview with yoox.com, he’s had an interest in fashion and beach life since childhood and his sketches are usually created during film shoots. The drop is pretty comprehensive, with all the basic pieces the coastal gentleman could ask for, including headwear and accessories. Paisley, check and sporting prints feature prominently across the range and will probably require a high level of self-confidence (as well as a healthy bank balance) to pull off. Check out the full collection in the gallery above or head over to yoox.com to watch Malkovich wax lyrical about the project in an exclusive interview.