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For this Winter, Nike has released a new multi-purpose jacket for all your temperature confused needs.

The ‘NikeLab Transform Jacket’ is comprised of two functioning layers. One component is a waterproof, hooded raincoat that can be conveniently tucked into an invisible storage spot at the back. When you’re not needing protection from the rain, straps at the back can be pulled and the raincoat is tucked back in for a fitted, sleek looking design.

“Both jackets can be worn individually and function on their own,” describes Kurt Parker, Nike’s Vice President of Apparel Design. “But the beauty lies in how the two layers work together to create a highly functional performance solution.”

Whether you’re facing heavy rain or gale-force winds, no longer will you have the annoyance of carrying multiple layers around. This jacket’s black, stylish design is perfect for Melbourne weather.

Being released exclusively in North America, we can only hope that we can get our hands on one. The NikeLab Transform Jacket will be available on April 26.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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