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Let the debate begin. Vetements and Reebok have released a sock range for their latest collab, and we can already tell that result is going to have a polarising response. The range, which comes in both black and white iterations as well as a metal-inspired, lightning bolt collection, features the iconic Vetements and Reebok logos. It’s all pretty predictable stuff.

Want to get your hands on a pair, though? All you need is $75USD. Yep, roughly $100 in Australia. Some may argue that price is a novelty because it’s affordable in terms of usual Vetements prices. Others may argue that they are socks and the thought of owning $90 socks is extra AF. Either way, check out the designs in the gallery above. For further purchase info, head on over to SSENSE’s online store here. Ding ding ding.

Weekly updates