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Upfront: Vercetti & Co is the go-to label of The Sailing Team

Meet Erron King the label's Coach K mentored designer

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While the mantra “comfort over appearance” resonates with the relaxed fits of the current Vercetti & Co collection, it isn’t a reflection of the brands aesthetic. The “cozy” element of the messaging has more to do with authenticity than it does with a pair of fleece-lined sweatpants. Founder Erron King was always fascinated by the fashion world, so it was inevitable that he would pursue the opportunity to participate in it when the time felt right. Mentored by Quality Control Records co-founder Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, and long-time friend of the Sailing Team, there is little room for error in Erron King’s future in business. The initial Vercetti & Co drop of colourful sunglasses were a viral smash with the youth after a shoutout from ‘King of the teens’ Lil Yachty (and the purposely accessible price points made the follow through to purchase a reality). Erron King is confident that he didn’t start Vercetti & Co to make a buck—he’s doing it for the culture.

Who influenced your personal style choices when you were growing up? Who are some of your contemporary influences?

I just always enjoyed looking good—like clean, and well put together. Even when I was kid I wanted all the new shit and the coolest stuff I saw people like Lil Wayne wearing at the time. He was my favourite rapper. Style wise I always like Kanye West, Phoebe Philo is a genius, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, early Big Sean (like 2011 era). Just fly, fresh shit.

What inspired you to break into the fashion world?

My mother, my friends, and the people around me would always suggest I do something involving clothing. I just went for it and decided to do it.

Who is the core demographic for Vercetti & Co?

My core demographic are people who like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. I always make sure everything can either be dressed up or dressed down according to the customer’s occasion.

Your price points are very affordable in comparison to other labels in a similar place in the market. Was this a calculated decision?

My price points are definitely a calculated decision, simply because I want things to be affordable to everyone. I never want to get to a point where people feel as if prices are too high. I want to keep the cost low and the quality high. That is my main goal in creating things.

Talk me through your mantra “comfort over appearance”. What are you trying to convey with this message?

“Comfort over appearance” is really just stating how I always feel. I feel like sometimes people dress a certain way because of how they want others to portray them, instead of just being themselves and being comfortable in their clothing decisions. I prefer to always be comfortable over anything else. If I feel good that honestly determines my overall attitude on situations.

 What is your favourite piece from this current collection?

I would say my favourite piece from this current collection is the embroidered polos, as I feel as if I could dress them both up and down.

You started with your Lil Yachty co-signed sunglasses and have since evolved the brand to create a full collection. Was this always your intention?

Lil Yachty shouted out the glasses when they were just an idea. I didn’t even have the glasses made yet. So people definitely supported them when they came out. It was always my intention to do more than just sunglasses. I want to keep climbing the ladder and making clothes that people can be comfortable and confident while wearing.

What is your relationship to the Sailing Team?

Sailing Team is a family. We try to support one another whenever we can, and encourage each other to keep climbing to success. I would consider myself a person that is just blessed to be a part of everything, regardless of my friendship with Lil Yachty while we were both in high school.

I’ve seen that Coach K is your mentor. How did that relationship come into fruition?

Coach K is definitely a mogul and I view him as a mentor. I personally know that everything has a time. I’m just trying to stay focused, stay busy, and stay humble until it’s my time to move into the next chapter of my life.

What is the best advice that he’s given you for the Vercetti & Co project?

The best advice I have received from Coach K would probably be just simply stay focused and work hard 110% at whatever it is you want to accomplish. Everyone starts somewhere, and the only person that’s stopping your elevation is you.

Is there anyone else that has been instrumental in setting up Vercetti & Co?

I definitely have to thank Harold Gordon, Perry Moise, and Miles McCollum for helping me in various ways with Vercetti & Co.

Where would you like to take the brand next? When is the next drop?

I would like to take the brand as far as my supporters let me take it. I want to keep creating and constantly get better in all aspects. The entire second collection is already being manufactured and it should drop sometime in late September/early October.

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