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Watch: Yeezy Boost 350 vs. adidas Alphabounce with Brad Hall

But which one will make me feel more like Ye?

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Have you ever wanted to feel like Kanye but as hard as you try you just can’t nail it? Well, Brad Hall has probably just discovered why and the answer is all in the shoes you’re wearing (at least).

In his latest three-minute video, the internet’s favourite unlikely sneakerhead explores the differences between the original (and still mad expensive) Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtledove’ and the recently released (reasonably priced) adidas Alphabounce. Online critics have been quick to point out the apparent similarities between the two styles and luckily, trusty ol’ Brad has the ability to break out the OG Yeezy and the Three Stripes’ new addition. As usual, his emotionless, monotone review mocks shoe lovers more than anything as he performs all the necessary tests required when choosing a shoe – such as if a shoe horn works well on it or how nice it feels on your bunions.

In conclusion ‘the shoes are similar but also different’, so basically swallow your pride and stop worrying about whether you can afford the real deal or not because if you actually want to feel like Kanye, that inflated self-belief is probably half the battle anyway. Plus your house mortgage might depend on it. For further validation, make sure to check out Brad’s efficient review above.

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