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Sydney Party Crew WavyLand Launch Hype New Collection

From touring some of the best acts in underground music to launching their own merch via a pop-up, Sydney’s WavyLand are doing it for their community.

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Sydney party crew WavyLand has established itself as more than just a touring company. From its formation in 2018 by Gabreal Marial, Renee Galera-Holliss and Connor Neil have been responsible for massive Australian tours with some of the most cult underground acts in hip hop and alternative music, bringing out the likes of Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, Xavier Wulf, Suicideyear and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. In addition to their massive tours, WavyLand is also known for their own parties thrown around their home city of Sydney.

Now, with a strong community around their collective, WavyLand has tapped into the streetwear game and announce their second t-shirt collection which will be launched with a pop-up shop in Newtown’s iconic vintage streetwear store The Stitch Up on Saturday, May 29. The new collection of four tees will be available alongside more bangers than you can handle as some of WavyLand’s favourite local DJs spin heat into the night.

Follow WavyLand here for more and head down to 583 King Street Newtown, 6-9pm on May 29th for the pop-up.,

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