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If you’ve been paying attention to the Grammys, you should know that a lot of your favourite musicians probably walked away with their deserved award but even before all the formalities took place, there were some clear winners in the fashion stakes. The Grammys red carpet, like most award shows, is rife with DOs and DON’Ts of event fashion and this year certainly did not disappoint. We’ve chosen to keep things on the posi side and chosen a few of our favourite looks from our favourite celebs. A lot of the younger set made some brave choices, which is a nice departure from the tried-and-true (and boring af) plain black suit, while a select few decided to take advantage of the high-stakes event, eg. DJ Khaled in his houndstooth suit and Yeezy combo, and Wiz Khalifa sporting a very sparkly tux. No doubt Kanye (who wasn’t present for the event) would think these pants were particularly cool. Check out 13 red carpet looks above and stay tuned for our round-up of all the winners soon.

Weekly updates