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Why is fashion obsessed with Chucks?

Winnie Harlow investigates how Converse reached icon status

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Stop and think for a minute: has there ever been a time when a pair of Chucks wasn’t considered stylish?

The answer is clearly no. Nobody in history has ever been called out for wearing a a pair. It’s unheard of. Since their inception in the early 20th century Chucks have been loved by all, but nobody loved them as much as the style set. To get the bottom of fashion’s love for Chucks the team at Converse tapped model Winnie Harlow for this short documentary. In the video she heads to Paris to talk to every cool person you wish you knew, including: France’s infamous Gucci Gang, Last Night in Paris, Études creative director, and owner of top notch boutique Colette Paris, Sarah Andelman.

This is the final video in the ‘Forever Chucks’ series produced by Converse. The series explores the core cultural scenes that made the Chuck Taylor iconic. You can check out the rest of the videos below.

This video is presented in partnership with Converse. Hit them up here if your chucks are looking a little less than iconic.

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