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Weekly updates

Sydney contemporary artist, Numskull, has been working with PUMA on a number of projects of late: walls, customized kicks and now a very awesome giveaway prize. Numskull has created a one of a kind artwork inspired by the iconic PUMA Brasil vintage pack. “I tried to interpret the Brazil shoe and concept as abstract as possible,” explains Numskull. “I like the idea of taking inspiration from an idea of something, and making it look completely detached from the original image. I took inspiration from the shape of the shoe, plus the vibrancy of the country itself, hence the use of flour and the shape of the canvas, which is roughy the same shape as Brazil.”

The result is an amazing artwork that would seriously enhance a wall in our office… alas we are not allowed to enter, but you totally should so we can live vicariously through you. Thanks to Hype DC, Puma is giving away the one of a kind artwork, as well as a pair of the Brasils that inspired the piece. All you need to do is head on over to Hype DC’s instagram, re-post the image and hashtag #HypeDCBrasilComp for your chance to win. They’ll be announcing the winning entry tomorrow, SO HUSTLE!

And stay tuned for the next give away featuring an artwork by Roachi which is coming up next week…