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Weekly updates

In you case you haven’t already heard, Lil B was recently the focus of a Parson graduate’s entire senior collection. Expectedly, this received some major internet hype and I’m sure there were more than a few Based fans, and similar tumblr types, crying for some sort of official release. Well, once again, the internet has spoken.
A few pieces from Isobel Simpson-Kirsch’s ‘BASED’ collection are now available for pre-order exclusively on The V-Files. The Based Gym Shorts, Based Dress and (ashamedly, my personal favourite) Based Cropped Zip Hoodie are all ripe for the picking, retailing between USD$190-$220.

But if you want to be rocking some Lil B on your person, you better jump on that fast, as pre-orders end on July 17. More purchase info here.