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For all of you out there still bitter about the fact that 2015 will most likely not see the release of a functional hover board as promised in Back To The Future, something else is being released in order to ease the pain – a musical.

If you’re anything like me, you hate musicals with a giant, firey passion (yes, I’m looking at you Cats…and also you Grease) but for those of you less inclined to block your ears and rock back and forth during a musical, this may be some very, very good news. To be fair, the people in charge of this one are those behind the book/movie-to-musical transformations such as Wicked and Billy Elliot, so the production is in some pretty respectable hands to say the least. The news has come straight from the mouth of Mr Bob Gale, co-writer of the original series, and it is believed that both Gale, and director Robert Zemeckis will be teaming up once again to work on the stage version of the classic film series.

According to Gale, the musical intends to use parts of the soundtrack from the movie, as well as new songs to create a fresh, renewed version of the film which will “take advantage of all the amazing things that can now be done on stage.”

Although this production is still in its very early stages, it’s on track to be pretty spectacular so BTTF fans, keep a close watch.

Adriana Barro