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Acclaim Digital Cover 032: Smino

We chat to the St. Louis rapper about his three upcoming albums, the pitfalls of the industry and finding fame in a pre-internet age.

Bb trickz: Spain’s Unbothered Princess of Drill

Hailing from the vibrant city of Barcelona, 23-year-old rapper Bb trickz has skyrocketed into the conversation this year for her sample-heavy drill beats, schoolgirl aesthetic, and razor-sharp bilingual bars. With a staggering 15 million+ streams in her debut year as an artist, Bb trickz is making her mark on the global music scene.

Kobie Dee: The Lyrical Alchemist

Gomeroi artist Kobie Dee weaves narratives of empowerment and resilience, reflecting on systemic challenges while celebrating Indigenous strength through his evocative music.

Acclaim Digital Cover 031: Tyla

With her debut album just a few days away, we caught up with the South African Grammy winner to hear about her humble beginnings making Youtube Mukbangs with her sister, and the indelible impression she left on the globe with 'Water'.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates