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Acclaim Digital Cover 028: SL

For our latest Digital Cover, we spoke to London artist SL about travelling around the the world and letting his experiences guide his songwriting on new EP Turbulence.

Doing As De La Does with Maseo

The past 20 years has been a turbulent battle for celebrated hip-hop collective, De La Soul, as they fought for the rights to own and distribute their music. However, as of March this year, that journey subsided, with the group’s music finally gaining an online occupancy on streaming platforms, allowing their fans across generations to relish in music that made a colossal stamp on hip-hop forever. Telling us the tale of it all is DJ Maseo, who sat down with us to speak on longevity, the celebrations, and the legacy of De La Soul.

Introducing the 2023 Acclaim All-Stars Team!

The best upcoming artists in the Australian rap and R&B scene, as voted by you.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates