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Jaal: Harnessing the Highs and Lows

From the highest point of Berwick’s Wilson Botanic Park, Jaal looks over Melbourne’s South-East suburbs where he started his rap quest and talks us through his new album YOU ONLY DIE ONCE.

Digga D and His Journey Back to Square One

The West London artist speaks on returning to his rap roots, his aspirations beyond music, and why you always walk backwards into the crib after a night out

Paris Texas Propel to the Skies with MID AIR

The genre-bending duo talk us through their new album, which finds them inciting chaos from the skies, with no plans of planting their feet on the ground. 


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Weekly updates

Get to Know These 5 Emerging Artists From Western Sydney The suburbs of Western Sydney, far and wide, have homed some of our country’s most exciting musical acts. Whether it be across drill, hip-hop, R&B, house or neo-soul, the artists who have been birthed by the streets of the area have had an equally as promising voice and vibrant story to tell. When taking into account powerhouse names like Becca Hatch, Isaac Puerile, Vv Pete, and the entire creative house, Full Circle, that have stamped Western Sydney as the musical hub, it’s no doubt that there are a multitude of budding names that also prove this right. Here we list 5 of those artists that you need to know.


Weekly updates