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New music from Tyla, B Wise, Future & Metro Boomin, MAMMOTH, and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for March 22, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. Tyla - Jump ft. Gunna, Skillibeng

‘Jump’ has the feeling of a sweaty dancefloor, not the sticky nightclub type, but that of a stylish day party in warm weather. Its ampiano tempo gyrates in a way that allows even the jankiest movers to pop off. Tyla’s voice creates an enticing ecstasy, supported by the smooth swagger of Atlanta rapper Gunna and Jamaican ace Skillibeng’s intensity-raising yelps. It’s an instant highlight of Tyla’s new self-titled album, which dropped today and a standout example of the South African artist (and Acclaim’s latest digital cover star) fusing global sounds to create music that transcends borders.

02. Future & Metro Boomin - We Don't Trust You

The title track for Future and Metro Boomin’s new album WE DON’T TRUST YOU hearkens back to their prior work on classic albums like DS2 and Monster. Metro production maintains that same haunting atmosphere, but evolves with seamless beat switches throughout. Future thrives in the poise of his legend status, but raps with the hunger of a prospect. They may not trust us, but with their track record of triumphant music, we for sure trust them.

03. Shanae - leave it

Sydney’s Shanae has been on a hot streak and her newest track ‘leave it’ is a must-have for any R&B lover’s playlist. The production is perfectly minimal, with some scattered drum patterns and warm pianos leading the way. This puts all the focus on Shanae’s melodies, which soar with so much soul that you have no choice but to scrunch your face.


On ‘SEASIDE’, IJALE sees a future version of himself by the ocean chilling. The phone is off, he’s off the grid, he’s at peace. This serenity is symbolised by wavy synth sequencing and the rapper/producer’s mellow cadence. But then the instrumental slips into the splashing whirlpool of an EDM-like drop, and IJALE fires up with his flows, letting us know that the vacation won’t come until he’s mastered his vocation. If ‘SEASIDE’ is any indication, he ain’t far off.

05. Nemzzz - It's Us ft. Lil Yachty

If you’ve got a buddy who isn’t hip to Nemzzz yet, ‘IT’S US’ is the perfect track to put them onto. The production pairs the urgent build of drill drum patterns with the airy synths of Pluggnb, an atmosphere the Manchester rapper commands with stern flows, and Lil Yachty floats through with some oddball autotune. It’s a standout on Nemzzz’s new album DO NOT DISTURB, which you can stream now.

06. Gold Fang - Replay

Fresh from popping out with a killer rendition of Elton John for triple j, Gold Fang keeps the Summer alive with ‘Replay’. The glossy instrumental gleams with vibrant funk, providing the perfect backing for the artist’s woozy warbles. It’s feel-good music that perfectly fits the weekend.

07. MAMMOTH, Eric Spice - Both My Hands ft. Nikodimos

Both My Hands’ feels like a companion to the colder weather that’s coming as we head into Autumn. There’s a chilling air amidst the mix of this track, thanks to the frosty jazz of Eric Spice’s production. Nikodimos’ reverb-drenched howls drift through the fog in a hypnotising manner. MAMMOTH.’s raps are the only source of warmth, as with every bar the flame flickers.

08. Papo2004, Subjxct 5 - Had 2 Ball

If 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Trying dropped in the Datpiff era, it would probably sound like ‘Had 2 Ball’. Subjxct 5’s production pairs the siren-like synths prominent in early 2000s East Coast hip-hop with the heavy bass oomph of modern trap. Papo brings the varied flows of a current-day rap savant and delivers them with the unabashed confidence of a Dipset freestyle on Rap City. It’s stank-face-inducing and puts some extra pep in your step.


Celebrations ensue as the horns hit on this latest B Wise single. His bars are emphatic, reflecting on how far he’s come through hyped yelps and in-your-face flows. It feels like a well-deserved victory lap for this always-fire veteran.

010. Lara Andallo - NOT RN!

‘NOT RN!’ shines in the nocturnal depths of alternative R&B. Thumping sub-bass and swirling synths feel like glimmering stars in a dark night sky. Lara Andallo’s raspy melodies are like city lights, illuminating the path to inevitable head bops. It’s a must-listen for late-evening drives.