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New music from Bryson Tiller, Chanel Loren, Doja Cat, 4batz and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week for April 5, 2024. Here are our favourite new releases from Australia and around the world this week — Follow our playlist here for updates of the best new music every single Friday.

01. boler mani - buggy

‘buggy’ is boler mani doing what he does best. The production is blockbuster, with booming 808s and siren-like synths that blast through the mix. boler mani unleashes fast rap flurries in flame-filled rounds as if he’s holding a proverbial minigun. This one is firing on all cylinders.

02. Lil Spacely - Flip ft. Manu Crooks

‘Flip’ is everything you want from a Lil Spacely and Manu Crooks collaboration. The production pulsates, thanks to moody guitars and mortar-like drum patterns from thatboykwame. Spacely and Crooks are on point as usual, pairing earworm melodies with smooth flows seamlessly. It’s an automatic go-to on Lil Spacely’s new EP The Golden Lotus, which you can stream now.

03. Boy Ace - FLIGHTMODE

On ‘FLIGHTMODE’, Boy Ace continues to prove that he’s got a knack for nocturnal anthems. Sombre pianos and catapulting drums create a cold atmosphere. The rapper pours his heart out through autotuned flows, sounding like a robotic stream of consciousness with human vulnerability. It’s a stand out on Boy Ace’s new EP SMILE FOR ME, which you can stream now.

04. Bryson Tiller – Ciao!

Bryson Tiller is back, and ‘Ciao!’ is a reminder of his undeniable smoothness. He dishes out passionate melodies over some triumphant horn sounds, with some snappy drums making the track’s 2-minute runtime feel like a victory lap for the Louisville singer. It appears on Bryson’s new self-titled album, which you can stream now.

05. Doja Cat - MASC ft. Teezo Touchdown

This new Doja Cat song will get stuck in your head immediately. The rapper/singer’s vocals are soft and sincere, floating atop glossy synths to create a serene atmosphere. Teezo Touchdown comes through with a feature here, delivering passionate warbles through his signature oddball swagger. It’s an instant stand out on Scarlet 2 CLAUDE, the deluxe edition of her 2023 album which you can stream now.

06. Chanel Loren - Zone

This new Chanel Loren track is satisfyingly stripped back. Guitars jangle, synths pulsate, and strings soar quietly, focusing all the attention on the Singer’s soulful voice. Her melodies continue getting more impressive throughout, indicating that Chanel Loren is truly in her zone.

07. 3% - Land Back ft. Say True God?, DENNI

‘Land Back’ is a passionate protest, in the form of a banger. It centers around the rightful ownership First Nations people have over the ground we stand on in this country and how the transfer of land is the necessary next step towards healing and unity. This is delivered in an ear-catching dose of rap frenzies from this powerful trio, alongside standout verses from Say True God? and DENNI.

08. RiTchie - WYTD?!?!?

RiTchie’s starting off his venture as a solo musician in a striking manner. In his recent work as a part of Injury Reserve/ By Storm, his presence is often peculiar, immersing you with off-kilter cadences and mind-blogging flows. On ‘WYTD?!?!, he’s in your face, firing bar after bar with cannon-like impact, propelled by a dusty symphony of distorted guitar samples. It appears on RiTchie’s debut solo project Triple Digits [112], which you can stream now.

09. 4Batz - put yo gun 2 use ontheradar freestyle

4batz’ On The Radar freestyle is a little different. It isn’t just a couple minutes of bars, but a complete hit. The production derives from the classic Slick Rick track ‘Children’s Story’, but the enigmatic R&B prospect puts a new spin on it. His understated croons glide atop the boom-bap flourishes, creating an undeniable head-bop. There’s no doubt the future is exciting for this always-rising prospect.

010. Quavo - Potato Loaded ft. Destroy Lonely

‘Potato Loaded’ is straightforward and stylish. Eerie strings sit atop 808s that blast like rocket launchers. Quavo and Destroy Lonely go back and forth, with Huncho taking a smooth, autotuned approach and the Opium prospect screeching his way through slick flows. It’s quick, but it for sure hits.