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Decoding the Mind of Sampha

In celebration of his new album ‘LAHAI’ we caught up with the enigmatic London artist to talk fatherhood, physics and creating a canvas of a mood.

Teezo Touchdown: Nailing The Fundamentals

In a breakout year marked by co-signs and collaborations, Teezo Touchdown's debut album, How Do You Sleep at Night?, extends an open invitation into his vibrant world, showcasing a commitment to creativity in every meticulous detail of his output. Amidst the whirlwind of supporting Travis Scott on his 48-date Circus Maximus tour across the US, we caught up with Teezo Touchdown to discover what makes him the favourite artist's favourite artist.

Oscar #Worldpeace: From Recluse to Renaissance Man

The Tottenham rapper/producer’s new single makes it clear that he’s entered a whole new zone in his career. He leads us through a narrative where acceptance, family, and personal trials are paving his pathway.

ScarLip’s Rollercoaster Year

Hot off the release of her fiery new NYC drill anthem 'Blick', the Bronx rapper reflects on a whirlwind year packed with impressive co-signs, viral moments, and the journey toward her much-awaited debut EP.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates