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5 Years of Flower Boy: Tyler, The Creator’s Coming-of-Age Opus

The 4th studio album from this influential music renaissance man serves as a turning point in an already impactful career, allowing him more freedom emotionally and creatively, and setting the tone for his transition to megastar status.

Gemini Rights: An Outspoken Display of Duality

Delving into the sounds and themes of multi-talented musician Steve Lacy's newest album.

Joy Crookes: the Blessing and Curse of Living in Your Skin

With a Bloody Mary in one hand, and her heart in the other, Joy Crookes handed over the insights of some of her most intimate moments on her debut album ‘Skin’ to us whilst on her tour stop in Sydney. She speaks on the gentrification of South London, music as a remedy, and the state of flow that keeps her afloat.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates