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Generally, fans of street artist Banksy haven’t been able to buy many of his works because they’re painted on walls of buildings and other public places which can’t really be removed from their location, what with the structural integrity of load-bearing walls and all. A gas station owner in Los Angeles obviously thought “Feck it, I’m selling” and ripped out a whole brick wall where Banksy painted ‘Flower Girl’ in 2008. Depicting a black and white little girl with a basket looking up at a flower with a CCTV camera as the bud, the piece weighing around 5,000 pounds goes up for auction on December 5th at a Beverly Hills auction house. It’s estimated to fetch an easy $150,000 – $300,000 and that’s on the ‘conservative’ side considering another Banksy piece sold for $1.1 million recently. Spare change, really.