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Weekly updates

Banksy’s having his first day of for month as ‘police activity’ interrupts his month-long show on the streets of New York. Titled ‘Better Out Than In’, the exhibit aims to draw attention to advertising and social issues, which may be where things got heavy with the fuzz. Unsurprisingly, city mayor Michael Bloomberg has described Banksy’s public art project as “a sign of decay and loss of control”.

The work that is suspected to have sparked the suspension of his residency is his ‘shoe shine’ statue of Ronald McDonald that the artist has been moving around from location to location with an actor continually shining the statue’s shoe. Police have allegedly threatened to ticket Banksy for a whole range of petty offences including ‘blocking sidewalk traffic’.

Check out the highlights from the month so far above, or head to Banksy’s blog for audio guides and audiovisual content.

Zoe Annabel