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Weekly updates

Melbourne publishing house Bloom is trying something new.  Their latest exhibition, 35ppm, is strictly submission-based, and is and a print-on-demand experiment – the first of its kind. They will be showcasing a single A3 print by 30 artists, cherry-picked from global photographic submissions. The photographer is allowed to let their creativity soar, without the limitations of a set submission theme and with the chance to submit up to three separate works.

Each piece will be available for purchase for $20 during the show and printed on-site using Bloom’s mono laser printer, with a portion of proceeds going directly to the artist. If an image submitted doesn’t sell? Don’t worry, they’ll cover your tracks and destroy your submission and all evidence you failed miserably (or post the photo back if you wish). In addition, the exhibition process and all works involved will be featured in a publication available following the close of the exhibition.

Submissions will be accepted January 12 through till January 18 at 9.00 pm.

The exhibition runs from January 22 to January 25 at the Tinnings Street Gallery.

For more details, check out Bloom’s website.