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Weekly updates

Exciting news! For the first time ever, I repeat, the first time ever, Melbourne’s own illustrious Everfresh crew are opening their doors to the public.

Welcoming us in to meet the artists behind the works you know and love, this is your chance to purchase works directly from the artists and satisfy your nosy side as you explore their secret lair of creativity. Located behind an unmarked factory door in Collingwood, the studio is the birthplace of many of the renowned works we so love to see gracing the streets and gallery walls.

Featuring Fred Fowler, Meggs, Rone, Tom Civil, STABS, Makatron, TOOTH, Mayonaise, Wonderlust, and more, this is certainly a thrilling opportunity. During their 2011 NGV Studio residency, Everfresh’s Reka stated that it would be “…as close as we ever get to an open studio”, so we’re stoked that this turned out to be false!

So block out Sunday the 9th of June in your calendar, head to this link here to register for the address, and check out the flyer below for more details.