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Weekly updates

This year’s Independent Photography Festival is in full swing, with the official launch kicking off at Strange Neighbour this past Saturday. Tonight the festivities continue with the official opening of Khalik Allah’s Khaliko Vision at Collingwood’s own Spares store. The exhibition showcases Allah’s latest body of work.

As the artist explains,“My photography is about the pursuit of real vision. That is what inspires me. The eyes do not see, and the ears do not hear. My photography is predicated on the heart, which is the real organ of vision. Restoration of spiritual vision is my driving force. This gives me the ability to see people beyond what my eyes tell me they are. I am on a course that will eventually lead me to real vision. Photography is only a facet of that curriculum.”

It all kicks of tonight at Spares store – 368 Smith Street, Collingwood, from 6pm.