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Weekly updates

Remember Telly from Larry Clark’s Kids (1995)? Of course you do. Possibly not with the fondest of memories. Well that kid, played by Leo Fitzpatrick grew up to be quite a cool guy – and an artist in fact. Over the years he’s had some pretty great exhibitions. Like one called ‘Fuck Friends’ where he got all his friends to do his artwork for him. Most recently though, Leo ‘Poem Paintings’ exhibited in Downtown NYC at The National Exemplar.

All text-based artwork, graphic and true. Canvased statements, some funny, some crude. Big names in attendance included Nate Lowman, Eneas Capalbo, Hilary Koyfman, Bill Powers. Shame we were stuck here on the other side of the world. Check out some highlights above.

Photos by Elise Gallant and Antwan Duncan for Purple Diary.

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