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Following an extended series of collaborations in Hawaii during POW! WOW! 2014, photorealistic painter Kamea Hadar and street typographer Defer have ventured to San Francisco for the second instalment of their Paradise Lost series.

The duo both live in Hawaii and have collaborated on ideas under the Paradise Lost title in a series of murals, walls and gallery shows over the last 12 months.

The show will open on August 7 at 1AM gallery in San Francisco with plans for the series to spread out in shows and murals across Los Angeles, Israel and Hawaii.

Paradise Lost is a nod to John Milton’s epic poem of the same name and explores the same allegorical narrative of the Fall of Man through visual and written mediums.

Kamea Hadar is one of POW! WOW!’s lead directors and recently experienced additional artistic success in the art festival’s first tour in Taiwan.

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