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Weekly updates

Last year Backwoods Gallery put on a show called ‘A Study of Eyes’ and ‘A Study of Hands’ and well it didn’t seem too far out of the ordinary because you know how people always go on about eyes being the window to someone’s soul; and hands are associated with touch, connection and intimacy. Those body parts are often romanticised. Hair isn’t. I never really think about hair, unless mine looks like shit. This month though Backwoods are proud to present a group exhibition ‘A Study of Hair’ as the third instalment of what will be a decade long ‘A Study of…’ series.

Hair –
“No other part of the body is manipulated in as wide a range of ways or subjected to the same degree of public scrutiny.”

This time round, the artists chosen to interpret the motif include: C215, Dave Kinsey, Inkie, Miso, Jonathan Guthmann, Faith47, Alexander Mitchell, Yusk Imai, Shohei Otomo, TwoOne, Usugrow, Mark Bode, Merda, ROA and Stephen Ives.


A Study of Hair
Opening: Friday 26th September
6PM free beers inclusive.

Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street,
Collingwood, Melbourne.

26th September – 5th October.