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There is a special place in everyone’s childhood dedicated to trying to play with lego: the hours spent stressing about essential missing pieces, the unparalleled frustration of accidentally knocking out a chunk of your own creation, the excruciating pain of standing on a brick…sure you made several really big arch-ways, but at what cost?  I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved than when I managed to ‘lose’ my entire set moving house when I was 12.

For 36 year-old graphic designer Matt De Lanoy, who painstakingly designed and constructed the city of Springfield out of thousands of lego bricks, the er, dream continues. Beginning with the Android’s Dungeon in January, De Lanoy has taken some six months to complete the project, cramming 25 seasons worth of your favs into a five-by-10 foot street-plan.

Replete with absolutely disgusting attention to detail, from chemical spills at the power-plant to basket-balls on the roof of Springfield Elementary and a full shop fit-out for the Kwik-E-Mart, you could easily spend hours looking at the photos of Lego Springfield alone.

It might even make you want to dust off your old set, I know I would, but oops mines actually lost, so I’ll probably just watch 200 Simpsons episodes, cry about classic episode memories and save myself the frustration.


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