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New York-based Australian artist Ian Strange is fascinated by homes. Strange explores what homes mean to us, to society at large, and the ways in which they are changing through site-specific interventions and exhibitions. For the artist’s latest project Open Home, a suburban house in Melbourne has been covered with red markings, and an exhibition of his various works from 2013–2017 are displayed inside. Exhibited art include Strange’s photographic series Twenty-Five and Forty-Eight, video works SHADOW and 71 Langley, and sculptural pieces Elliot Terrace and Framework (Kenyon 3). The symbolism of Strange’s site-specific project is both intriguing and unsettling. It suggests demolition, eviction, foreclosure, and hostility. Strange spins the notion of ‘home’ on its head by rendering it vulnerable, as opposed to being a place of safety and shelter. He surprises us by crafting the unordinary out of something ordinary that we walk out of every day.

For two days, audiences are invited to step into Strange’s world by entering Open Home. Opening night is Friday October 6 (6pm-late) with the exhibition running through the weekend (10am–6pm) at 25 Clifton St, Richmond.

Weekly updates