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Finally Instagram have responded to the previously one-sided discussion regarding their nudity policies and the subsequent #FreeTheNipple movement. Instagram CEO Kevyn Systrom explained at a recent talk in London that Instagram’s unfair bias against the female nipple is actually a problem with Apple’s age ratings. He claims that if nudity were allowed on Instagram, that they would have to change their rating to from the current 12+, to 17+, which would consequently affect their audience (though many could argue that this is BS because Twitter has a stack of porn accounts despite their 4+ rating on the App Store).

More recently, during Vanity Fair‘s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, the IG boss discussed with panel members Lena Dunham and Yahoo’s Katie Couric the possibility of an R-rated version of the app. He noted that there is a slippery slope regarding who decides what is R-rated, as Instagram are “not in the business of hosting porn”, instead aiming to “focus on people being able to express themselves in beautiful ways.”

There is already porn in every crevice of the internet, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and yes – even Instagram (as much as they like to deny it). Age ratings never stopped anyone, I think they should just let Miley free those nipples on my regular “PG” rated IG feed.

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