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Weekly updates

Revok, The Seventh Letter and MTN have teamed up to present the Detroit Beautification Project, aiming to help restore the derelict streets of one of the most notoriously dangerous cities in the world, by grabbing a bunch of highly esteemed graff artists to “paint murals in the neighbourhoods that need them the most,” uplifting the day-to-die lives of residents and communities.

In addition, participating artists including POSE, CES, Dabs Myla, 123Klan, STEEL and SEVER will drop a print to coincide with the project’s phases, starting off with this banger, a never-before-seen piece from REVOK himself. “Sacrilege” (and yes, it’s already sold out) is a striking image, and the only documentation of a piece from 2009, painted in a run-down church before being demolished not long after. It always amazes me the sorts of truly inspiring locations artists hunt down, and this one in particular is such a nice reflection of that, as well as being a hauntingly beautiful portrait of the transient nature of graffiti.