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Satirist photographer Joel Strong runs the @mydaywithleo Instagram account where he superimposes celebrities over ordinary people by hand – literally. His images feature cutouts of Kanye, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, among others, replacing the heads of everyday people. He says his intention is for the audience to view the images, look at celebrity worship within our society and understand how far removed those people are from ordinary life.

“The fact that Kanye strolling down the sidewalk in Bed-Stuy is funny to people is because it’s difficult to imagine him strolling down the sidewalk anywhere, let alone in Bed-Stuy. Kanye don’t just stroll,” Strong said.

He also got the opportunity to go to the Mad Decent Block Party tour, where he was asked to create photos and videos in his inimitable style. Check out some of his work in the gallery above.

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