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Tomás Saraceno’s last exhibition was all about having your head in the clouds. This time it’s not so much being a fly on the wall but a spider in a web. Named In Orbit, this multi-layered installation in Dusseldorf’s K21 Staendehaus museum involves crowd participation and physical interaction as you wander through three levels of netting 65 meters high up in the air.

Your own movement combined with the fluctuations caused by others is supposed to give a feeling of weightlessness, a loss of control as if you were in space. The huge air-filled PVC balls like planets and the webbing interconnecting everything. Saraceno explains it in more detail as “For me, the work visualizes the space-time continuum, the three-dimensional web of a spider, the ramifications of tissue in the brain, dark matter, or the structure of the universe. With ‘in orbit,’ proportions enter into new relationships; human bodies become planets, molecules, or social black holes”.

If nothing else it all looks like amazing good fun to me.

Mica Nantes

[Source: Art Daily]