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There’s no doubt the graffiti world is ruled by ego, what else would compel you to write your own name obsessively on any available surface? Whether it stems from insecurity or arrogance, the majority of writers are about staking their claim anywhere they can. Well that is except for Lush, the Melbourne born and bred writer that is on a mission to belittle, ridicule, and destroy everything you hold dear. In Lush’s universe nothing is sacred, and in true Aussie fashion he gets his kicks by taking the piss out of the culture and its participants (“I loved graffiti until I met other graffiti writers”). We caught a few minutes with the man himself as he prepares for his upcoming solo show at Backwoods Gallery.

Can you introduce yourself for us?

Big deuce cha-chi aka Baby chico aka Sir Bonaza aka Lush ™. Just don’t call me daddy.

How long have you been painting for? 

Twelve years now? How very shameful…

I should go get a job as an accountant already and give in to the slave race, have 2.5 children, a Mazda Miata with a dint in its rear fender and a woman I married so I don’t die alone.

What keeps you motivated?

Every day is one day closer to my death via cancer caused by these toxic spray paint fumes. So I’ll get it in before the whole chemo thing.

Message to the haters?

Die slow.

Message to the fans? 

Buy all the garbage I’m going to merch: Lush ™ toothbrushes all up in your mouth, Lush ™ authorised autobiography The Days of a Self-Confessed Graffiti Asshole and Real copy of Lush ™’s  dong self pleasure device at all your favorite sex stores.

Biggest hate in the graff scene?

People who just jumped into it because girls be fucking us now instead of tattooists or fixed gear riders or people in bands.

Biggest hate in the art world? 

I don’t like that dude, Above. His shit is corny, sorry fella, and fools are paying $4000 for an arrow with some shitty celebs face, Jesus people are dumb.

I didn’t like Eine for a minute, but someone told me he did a lot of panels so maybe I wasn’t super fair but his shit still sucks. Dface is the worst cornball out of them all.

I think the worst people out there are mimes, everyone hates fucking mimes and prop comedians also.

Favourite thing about writing? 

It’s the ultimate self gratification, fuck jerking off, it’s just a lot better to hear random people talk about you and say the most outrageous shit. “That nigga Lush has a pet goat, that nigga milks that goat milk and straight drink it up mane.”

Most overused graff trend?

Spongebob Squarepants character hands down is the most tired shit right now.

Triangle pyramid stuff (It’s already pretty dead but…), Roid, Askew, Sofles, Revok, Wais etc find a technique or hook to push then everyone in the graff universe goes and ruins it by copying it.

But then they come up with something else and so the circle of life continues. Kenya maleeseee bug ahhhhhhhhhhh (Lion King song?)

Favourite spot to paint?

In a graveyard on grave stones, war memorials, churches, synagogues, on bums, sports cars, the bowls club and old people’s homes according to the Herald sun.

Best place to gather supplies?

I’ve been having great luck lately with trash piles and junkie squats.

Song title that best describes you?

Cuntface by Nasenbluten…


Any life advice?

Quit school, become a helicopter pilot.

If you weren’t painting, what would you be doing?

World of Warcraft Lvl 90 undead warlock in pvp.

What makes Melbourne different?

I hear if you piss on your left back tyre you can’t get ticketed for pissing in public.

Final words?

sal·ad  (sld)

a. A dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.
b. The course of a meal consisting of this dish.

2. A cold dish of chopped vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, or other food, usually prepared with a dressing, such as mayonnaise.

3. A green vegetable or herb used in salad, especially lettuce.

and I like this word…

muppet [ˈmʌpɪt]
Slang a stupid person

[from the name for the puppets used in the television programme The Muppet Show]

Lush will be showing Another Shithouse Art Show at Backwoods Gallery, opening Friday 09 December at 6pm. Check out more of the ratbag’s work at his tumblr.