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Japanese photographer and blogger Keisuke Junichi believes that you don’t actually need a girlfriend to be happy, but that you may need a fake girlfriend to be accepted socially. And the best way to fake a girlfriend is to take some really convincing twitter-like photos of the two of you having loving moments and put them up on various social media. For example, sharing a kiss in public.


and being so in love that you’re willing to stop in the middle of a crowded street and have a ‘pash’.


But of course these photos are totally staged.

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A while ago the self-dubbed ‘perpetual loner’ gained noteriety for a series of photographs showing how to fake a girlfriend feeding you tasty morsels of food, MacDonald’s fries and the like. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Keisuke has upped the ante by revealing a method to fake kissing your fake girlfriend in public.

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A little foundation and nail polish on your hand, as well as a wig and a camera with a timer and a tripod is all you need to take convincing photos to make all your other lonely friends jealous. He explains:

“As long as you have a wig and a camera tripod, the kissing possibilities are infinite! If you want it to look like ‘your girl’ is taking the lead, you should prepare foundation and nail polish, too. It’s extremely simple. We humans have constructed high walls when it comes to kissing. But now those walls have crumbled. The world will be a brighter place. I truly believe that the world will head towards peace if we focus more on kissing.”

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If you don’t have a tripod or good enough camera, keisuke even shows how to make use of a photobooth.

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The perfect way to keep your nagging friends and family off your back and avoid all those blind dates and set-ups that your well-meaning but meddling friends keep hassling you into…

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