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By now we’ve all seen the famous #freethenipple hashtag, protesting Instagram’s strict and quite frankly ridiculous community guidelines; which, for some strange reason, deem the female nipple unacceptable, while the male nipple has the all-clear to roam free in the cyber wilderness of the image-sharing app.

With countless protests being carried out every week, all seeming to make a lot pretty great points, you’d think the ‘gram would have let the nipples free by now. Nope, unfortunately it seems certain parts of the community guidelines still reside in the Stone Age, or perhaps the big wigs of Instagram have some kind of female nipple phobia?

Last year artist Micol Hebron came up with the excellent idea of simply covering up the female nipples with male nipples. She created a slick little kit consisting of a male nipple you can easily crop, duplicate and paste over any female nip and, well, now it’s become pretty damn viral.

This is definitely a standout protest, hopefully it makes a bit of a difference to the stupid community guidelines. Can you tell the difference between the nipples, Insta? What is it? Wake up. Check out a couple of examples of the latest protest in the gallery above. #freethenipple

Jarman Cutrona

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