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Writer and theorist Daniel Feral has undertaken a major project to map out the role graffiti and street art has played over the last 70 years through an infographic. Feral believes that street art has been driving the art world for at least 40 years now and has set out to prove his theory. He is able to demonstrate how street art and graffiti are connected to the likes of Pop Art, Modernism and Gothic Futurism along with artists Gordon Matta-Clark, Andy Warhol and Jenny Holzer.

The inspiration behind the Feral Diagram comes from a similar diagram first created by director of MoMa Alfred Barr in 1935. Using a similar concept made up of looping arrows, his diagram visually explained the evolution of Cubism and Abstract Art. Adopting this method, Feral has been able to visualize clearly the importance of Street Art and Graffiti in the art scene.  Check out the infographic above. Or to see it in full scale have a look here.