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I know some people find it hard to see the ‘art’ in a lot of things but art is subjective and people can create their own meaning from it depending on what they see. That’s if they can actually see it. A project that is going to be difficult for anyone (without a microscope) to comprehend is Jonty Hurwitz’s series of nano sculptures. Involving 3D printing and a whole lot of science that shrinks the figures down to these impossibly tiny sizes, Hurwitz’s works are about as tall as the thickness of a strand of human hair and can fit on ant heads, needle eyes etc. Why would he do this? The current human condition, obviously.

Exploring the now blurred lined between science and myth, Hurwitz says “We live in an era where the impossible has finally come to pass. In our own little way we have become demi-gods of creation…This nano sculpture is the collective achievement of all of humanity.  It is the culmination of thousands of years of R&D.” Take a look at the very fine details in the gallery above and head to the artist’s website to find out more about the Nano project.

All images courtesy of Jonty Hurwitz.

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