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Weekly updates

Good buddy of kind of — gallery, BENNETT is having a solo show at Soldiers Rd Gallery, Thursday 1st of November. BENNETT is a great artist, I’m sure his show is going to be tight!
We had a little discussion on Facebook the other day regarding life and his show.

Yeah bra, you there?
What’s up man?

You still there?

Yeah bra, you got a minute?
Yea bruv.
Sgarn on?

Working man, let’s do the interview?
OK cool.

What are you working on today?
You’re in the studio right?

I’m in the studio today yeah, finalising some pieces for the show, framing some works on paper etc…

Your solo show at Soldiers Road?
Yeah “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” is the name of my solo exhibition which opens at Soldiers Rd Gallery, on Thursday 1st November.

Shameless self-promotion bruv, perfect!
Ha ha!

Bro, you’ve had more shows than anyone I know. Killing it.
I’ve been really busy this year, but at the same time I’ve been selective and had to turn down many other shows. I’ve really been working on my own stuff, developing processes and pushing my techniques and exploring new direction with my work.

How’s Soldiers Road gallery?
It’s new right?

Soldiers Rd Gallery is an amazing new space which opened up in Hibernian house a few months back by Dan O’Toole (aka Ears) and his partner Shari. The space is such a contrast to the rest of the building, so clean and well presented. It’s like a whole new world in there.

You’re work is looking dope man, we’re always pumped to have you at kind of —.
What’s your plans for your career?
Is full time artist on the cards anytime soon?

Thanks man, I’m really pleased with how the new work is turning out, I feel really comfortable and natural creating them. I’m really pushing the art thing at the moment and it’s working as I said I’m really busy at the moment and have had to quit my previous part time job to make time for it all. Which is obviously very exciting.

Pause… pause… pause…

Sorry bro, just found out my mate is having a baby. So psyched for them!
You got a full time Mrs hey?

Fuck yeah nice!
Well in that’s cool.
Yeah Carly is my full time Mrs, fulltime babe and fulltime legend.

Dopeness, shout out to the Mrs!
How is she with the permanent hat/long hair deal?

Big shout out! Ha ha yeah she’s cool with, she likes the long hair probably not the permanent hat thing but yeah. There’s a hat for all occasions I’ve found ha ha.

Hell yeah.
I’m growing my hair for 5 years, I got a 5 year program, my Mrs is not into it. How long you been growing your locks?

Ha ha classic! Well that answers all of those ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years time’ questions ha ha. I’ve had this length hair roughly since the last few years of high school really, it gets a trim every few months to keep it in check, but since I’m in a position where I can wear a hat everyday (which is sick) really not a lot gets done other then washing it.

Hair talk, no homo.
So this show at Soldiers Road, I feel Soldiers Road is a little less kinda streety and more kinda proper arty. Are you hoping to make that transition from low-brow-esque art scene more into the contemporary/adult art scene?

Yeah the space has a slightly less low brow feel to it and I think my current work is quite fitting. I’m into all types of artworks; traditional paintings, printmaking, collage, graffiti, illustration, abstract expressionism and surrealism and more, but I think personally this is the way I’ve always wanted to create work but in the past thought I had fit a certain mould and create a certain style of work to be successful and I have found that the more honest and true to myself the work becomes the better the response. So in a sense it might look like a transition like that but its certainly not pre-empted and I didn’t say to myself now I need to produce work to fit a certain gallery etc, it’s just happened this way and who knows really in which direction the next step will be in…

Kinda organically transitioned?
Yeah totally, very organic indeed.

That’s the best way, it’s not phony you know, just naturally progressing. I’m down.
Yeah I think its the best way forward, in you know then the work is much more a part of your and more for-filling to create as well.

Everybody I’ve spoke to is pretty pumped for your show.
Oh cool, I’m glad. Should be good, I’m really excited to present this new collection and see what reactions I get…

How was your Japan show?
Pretty far out just busting out to Japan for show, what brought that on?

Japan was amazing! The show in Japan just kinda happened, Carly (my girlfriend/fulltime Mrs/fulltime legend/babe) had booked this holiday with some friends of ours ages ago and I’d previously had a few piece in group shows over in Tokyo (through my friends at MA gallery) so I just emailed the gallery they had their show at, they said they’d love to have me and the rest is history.

Dope, how did it go?
Good times?

Yeah it was great, sold a few pieces and a whole bunch of zines which I made especially for the trip so yeah it was definitely a success. Plus it’s such a rad place!

Yeah we got some of your zines, I’m into them. The one you did recently for the Tate show was dope. The acetate cover and shit.
Thanks man I really liked that zine too, more zines to come! kind of — online store will be stocked up innit!

Let’s wrap this up because I’m going to try and get a shred in before the opening tonight. Anything else you want to chuck in there?
Just put in — DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER – a new collection of work by BENNETT
THURSDAY 1st November 6pm, SOLDIERS Rd Gallery!
Thanks Bruv!

Fo sho, we should go to Brighton Bar karaoke after your show, I know The Pidge will be pumped!
Ha ha ha oath he will! He’s probably there now practising innit.
Ha Pidge what a ledge.

Hell yeah.
OK cool man thanks for that, speak soon innit.

No probs, peace bro!
Let me know if you need anything else?


BENNETT – ‘DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER’ from Salt in the Snow on Vimeo.