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Weekly updates

After a short stint in Europe a month or so back,  I was lucky enough to get the chance to journey back to London for a solid two weeks, where the sun was shining literally every day I was there.

I really do believe London is a different place when it’s warm. People seem so much more relaxed and painting is way more enjoyable…

My main reason for this trip was to be a part of Super Pop Magic Show, a group exhibition curated by Zero Cool, alongside good friends like Ben Frost, Bridge Stehli and more.  Fortunately I got to meet up with a few of the local miscrients along the way too and managed to paint a handful of walls. Big thanks to Mr Penfold, Malarky, AnyForty, VNA, Zero Cool, Trevor, Pore, and the many others I met along the way (Even managed to bump into a killer RONE wall in East London). Hopefully I can get back there again soon.