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These days, we like our gadgets shinier, sleeker and more powerful than the last version. Nostalgia, however, is a hell of a drug and it’s hard to ignore the feels you get from those early version electronics, when having one was actually a big fucking deal. The folk at Curved Labs may have come up with the perfect example of past and present Apple iMac designs with this conceptual version of the desktop computer. Front on, it replicates the cute, if boxy, design of the 1984 Apple Macintosh, complete with floppy disk drive but the side profile keeps the sleek silhouette we have come to expect from the new-gen iMacs. Existing only in an ideal world, this model is not intended for sale but I get the funny feeling that if Apple were to co-sign these babies for mass production, nostalgia-fiends would be throwing their money away for one…this sucker writer included. Take a look at some of the details above and see more from Curved Labs here.

Images via Curved Labs.

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