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Weekly updates

Designer Jono Brandel has created a new kick-ass website, Patatap, that will primarily waste your time, while simultaneously raising your hopes at becoming the next Shlohmo. Brandel teamed up with Japan-based music duo, Lullatone, who have released over 10 albums, and also frequently produce music for films and commercials.

Described as a “portable animation and sound kit”, Patatap aims to express synesthesia – a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. In this case, seeing sound and hearing colour.

Hitting any key from A to Z will produce a unique sound and graphic to go with it. Pressing spacebar will give you a new set of sounds to play with, and also give you a cool new background colour to match.

Now go drop some beats, but make sure you don’t have any deadlines first.