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Photographer Christopher Sturman has a knack for venturing where many have ventured before, with an excellent eye for the unusual and camera in tow. While he has one eye trained on his popular portraits of Jeff Koons and other rich folk, the other is entertaining a certain kind of social commentary with his landscapes, abandoned amusement parks, poor neighbourhoods and now strip clubs for this latest photo series.

Titled NYC Strip Sturman sheds a ghostly light on New York City strip clubs during the daytime. While there are fewer stains than you’d imagine, there’s a sufficient amount of badly upholstered furniture, stiletto-scratched floorboards and women’s dreams smushed into the carpet. Though if you can ignore the underlying sadness which comes with such a monotonous colour palette in this graveyard of self esteem, one could come away from looking at these images with a new outlook and appreciation for such venues. No, I’m totally kidding – once you remove the Mötley Crüe soundtrack, erotic dancers and air of hedonism there’s really not much to see here.

Mica Nantes