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New York City’s rich graffiti history would be entirely incomplete without the “angel dust-smoking, beer-drinking, crazy white boys” otherwise known as the Morris Park Crew. Formed in 1977 by founding members Slip, Wedge, and Speed, MPC were known for their tendencies to wage war with rival graffiti crews over train space and territory. This soon-to-be-released book digs into how Cap 1 took over the crew, leading them down an unforgettable path in the 1980s, and delves deep into the official history of the Bronx bad boys of graffiti. The book explores the many controversies surrounding the crew through never-before-published photos and oral histories from MPC members, revealing not only the crew’s intense passion for graffiti, but the real-life challenges they faced as young kids in a sketchy environment.

Although it’s not released until October, you can pre-order the book here and check out their website for more info on the MPC.