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Weekly updates

As we’ve previously reported Everfresh resident Reka is leaving our fair shores for greener international pastures, but before he jets he’s having one last farewell party/exhibition/retrospective. We got a sneak peak at a few of the new pieces that Reka will be showing on the night – featured in the gallery above.

Here’s a short statement from the artist himself.

“After a ten year career defacing the streets and gallery walls of Melbourne, Reka is packing up, moving overseas and having one last hurrah.

He will be holding an open studio for one night only, displaying a new body of work exclusively painted on found objects. Using spray cans and rusted metal found from walking the train lines and abandoned factories, Reka has organically used each aspect of his natural element to create a process-driven concept, turning everything from the cans’ paper labels to the folds of oxidised sheet metal into self-contained artworks.

On June 20th, Reka is opening up his studio for a behind the scenes look at his new paintings and mixed media works, plus throwing in some paintings from the past decade for good measure. It’ll be an exhibition and leaving party all rolled into one, so come down and join Reka for a one final beer.”

The show opens on the 20th of June at Backwoods Gallery.