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Ron English is a prominent American painter and street artist, recognised for his distinctive use of colour, brand imagery and advertising. His style has been dubbed POPaganda, a term used to describe the mix of historical and current figures in his work.

Having just recently participated in POW WOW, a week long event in Hawaii, Ron lets us take a look through his eyes what its all about. Bringing together a mix of both international and local artists, POW WOW creates a annual experience of being able to create murals and other forms of art in public space.

“I think the weird part of this art is that it’s not tied to the art world. The art world kinda goes in fads. It’s like now we’re doing minimalism, now we’re doing pop, now we’re doing New York expressionism and usually they pick 5 or 6 people from those groups and say these are the ones everyone else…flushed in the toilet. If your not a big enough turd, fuck you and then they’re onto the next thing. But this isn’t dependent on the art world, this is its own thing, a phenomenon that stays.”

The renown painter and other street artists walk us through the streets of Kaka’ako, where the event this year took place, and give insight into their work and experiences.


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