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Forget planking, twerking and dubstep, the new trend is going to check out art and get a little cultured. Not kidding. Keep up. But if you don’t check in, is it really worth going? No. You must take a photo with all the cool art and then upload it to Instagram with the hashtags #artselfie #museumselfie #art #artwhore #loveart #picassobaby #MoMA #JayZ, otherwise your boring ass trip to the museum doesn’t count. How will your crush know that you are oh-so cultured if you don’t check in to the Louvre? Why did people in the old days even go to the museum before Facebook and Instagram were invented?

LaPlaca Cohen, a cultural advertising firm just released a new survey from their Culture Track series that focuses on art audiences of the United States. Data was collected from over 4,000 people in the US, and the results showed that, funnily enough, the number of people who attended at least one museum a year has increased since 2011.

Yeah so apparently us youths have taken to making museums the new trendy place to go. I can’t complain, really. Museums are a great place to learn about history and art and culture. But I’m getting the feeling that maybe it’s all just a big act by everyone to impress their friends and peers by uploading #artselfies. Quick tip: your life will be a lot easier if you hang with people who like the same things you do, including laying in bed, eating pie and watching Adventure Time.


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