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A number of Australian visual artists and DJs are soon to be collaborating in celebration of all things mixtape. Back and Forth is an exhibition that focuses on inspiration in its many forms, but in particular the relationship between visual creativity and music.

Mixtape culture marked a moment in time when the consumer became the producer by gaining control over compilations and distribution. Born of the love for compiling songs onto cassettes, these compilations were often more than just a reflection of musical taste and served as a personal statement for whoever it was intended.

The Back and Forth Exhibition will be asking a bunch of Australian DJs to produce mix-tapes from a track-listing given to them by the visual artists. The exhibition will feature new works from artists like Ben Ely (Regurgitator), and Jesse Olsen, and the musical stylings of Sampology and DJ Bacon.

Back and Forth, opening on August 30th will be running Monday – Friday until the 6th of September.